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I’m a personal trainer in the Denver area
and I’m here to help you meet your fitness goals!

Do you:

want to lose weight?
want to feel more fit?
want more energy?
need positive motivation?
prefer a private gym?
enjoy friendly coaching?
want healthy eating tips?
have a hectic schedule?
need simple solutions?

I can offer you:

a path to your fitness goals
a private gym workout
positive motivation
sincere encouragement
a friendly confidant
a healthy eating program
a flexible schedule
an affordable rate
and a big smile!

It’s really a no-brainer for men or for women. Being fit makes you feel better both physically and mentally. If huge fitness facilities aren’t your speed and you can use some help in the motivation department to reach your fitness goals, then I am here to help you! I’ve seen my clients walk into my gym looking tired and depressed. They ALWAYS leave 55 minutes later smiling and energized to continue their day. That’s why I love this job! I’ve helped people lose weight, gain strength, and most of all… love themselves!

“Audra is wonderful! She is just fun to train with and workout with. I’ve seen great results and I’m thinner than I’ve ever been. My friends comment all the time how great and fit I look.” – Dr. Deja
“It’s different when you are older… and yet I’m younger because I look better, and I’ve never felt this good before. This is the best time of my life… all thanks to Audra.” – Francie

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